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Research Project


1. Film-Induced Tourism: An Analysis of Malaysia Outbound Tourist Motivation and Satisfaction for Film-Induced Tourism in South Korea by Atiqah Binti Mior Ahmad

2. Football Fever: Relationship Between English Premier League and Consumer Behaviour Among Malaysian Consumers by Cheam Zi Yang

3. The Effects of Binge-Watching Motives on Traditional Television Viewers in Malaysia by Fahri Ahmed

4. Driving Factors of Viral Content: A Qualitative Study Among Digital Practitioners by Goh Chui Ying

5. Understanding Pragmatic Approach to Corporate Philanthropy: A Case Study of Yayasan Sime Darby by Hartini Binti Awang

6. Investigate MAS (MH370) Crisis Management Strategy: An Application of the Situational Crisis Communication Theory (SCCT) by Kow Jia Qi

7. Examining Crisis Communication Strategy: A Case Study Of Samsung Note 7 Explosion by Kow Jia Ying

8. Employment of Ex Drug Addicts As CSR Initiative: Employer Perspective by Muhammad Hasif Bin Azizan

9. A Study of Urban Malaysian Youths’ Attitude Level towards Automated Text Based Conversational Chatbots by Ahmed Siffat Naveel Nur

10. Situasi Kesihatan Mudah Alih (Mhealth): Sebuah Kajian Kualitatif Memahami Niat Dan Pengalaman Penggunaan Mhealth Dalam Kalangan Belia Di Malaysia by Nur Lela Binti Zulkipli

11. Memahami Kesan Kesepadanan Imej Selebriti, Imej Pelancong Dan Imej Destinasi Terhadap Niat Untuk Melancong Dalam Konteks Pelancongan Islam Menggunakan “Extended Meaning Transfer Model” by Nurul Ain Binti Md Ros

12. An Exploratory Analysis of Malaysian Generation Y’s Consumer Style Inventory for Male and Female Market Segments by Robyn Jayne Lopez

13. Understanding the Factors Influencing Malaysian Travellers Purchase Travel Packages Through Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) by Sandy Ong Sin Yi

14. Analysis on the Effectiveness of NCBL's (National Community Basketball League) Brand Positioning through the Perception of Basketball Players in Malaysia by Tan Sophine

15. The Effect of Jingle Modification and Slogan On Brand Responses (Attitude and Recall) by Wan Faeeza Binti Hussain Sadri

16. Understanding Factors Influencing Consumer Purchasing Behaviour of Luxurious Brand: A Veblenian-Social-Psychological Model by Khor Chia Xin

17. Investigating the Relationship between Consumers’ Sustainability Beliefs, Attitude towards Online Sustainable Fashion, Purchasing Intention and  Behaviour of Sustainable Fashion Brands by Tan Hock Guan

18. Understanding Generation Y's Online Purchasing Decision on Baby Products: An Approach on Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) by Lim Jo Ann

19. Understanding Pragmatic Approach to Corporate Philanthropy: A Case Study of Yayasan Sime Darby by Hartini Binti Awang recommended purple


20. Gen Y and Gen Z Attitude towards the Intention to Purchase Green Cosmetic Products in Malaysia: An Investigation Based on Theory of Planned Behavior by Maria Valantine Rao A/P Subaramaniyam recommended purple

21. Integrated Marketing Communication Touchpoints and Its impact on Chinese Students’ Intention to Study in Malaysian Institutions of Higher Education by Wang Dong

22. Understanding the Relationship between Motives, Usage Intensity of WeChat and Subjective Well-Being by Chen Hong

23. Motives of Free-To-Play (F2P) Mobile Games Usage and Its Impact on The In-Game Purchase Behaviour of Malaysian Smartphone Users. Investigation Based on Uses and Gratification Theory by Muhammad Sufi Hakim Bin Idrus

24. Measuring the Impact of Parent Brand Equity on Brand Extension: A Case of Coach in Malaysia by Lin Yuanyuan

25. Effects of Past Experience Valence and Negative eWOM Extremity on Consumer's Purchase Intention: A Study on AirAsia by Carmen Goo Hsu Yue

26. Nijigen Culture, Artefact Consumption and Purchasing Habits Among Gen Z by Lee Wei Kian

27. The Perception Of Halal Health & Beauty Products Among Non-Muslim Consumers by Bryan Teoh Sze Wei

28. Predictive Factors in the Adoption of Fintech in Nigeria: A Focus on Cryptocurrency by Adebayo Nurudeen Mayowa

29. An Exploratory Study: The Usage of Social Media Marketing in Business to Business (B2B) in Malaysia by Norbaidzuri Binti Mohd Yusoff

30. The Moderating Effect of Self-Esteem in the Relationship between Social Media Usage and Conspicuous Consumption by Liew Kar Mun

31. Measuring the Influence of Social Media Engagement on Brand Loyalty: A Study on the Automotive Industry in Malaysia by Pooja Nair a/p Haridas

32. The Proustian Phenomenon in Fast Food Branding: The Elicitation of Meanings in the Scent of KFC Among University Students by Khairul Azrin Bin Khalifah

33. Investigating The Relationship Between Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction In Revisit Intention To Malaysia: Edu-Tourism Program by Yuzrifa Binti Mohd Jalani

34. The Effect of Parental Mediation Strategies on Malaysian Toddlers' YouTube Consumption and Behavioural Development by Subasiri A/P Ramakrishnan

35. The Perception of Celebrity as Product Endorsers towards Purchase Intention in Malaysia by Aiman Ariff Bin Khairuddin

36. Muzik, Nostalgia dan Penglibatan Jenama Kes Studi Terhadap Pendengar Radio Klasik, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) by Wan Maslinda Binti Md Ali

37. Exploring the Profile, Perception and Experience in Political Consumerism Amongst Millennial Indian Consumers: A Case of Patanjali Ayurved by Karthika A/P Kumar

38. A Study on Celebrity Worship through Social Media on Self Concept Among Young Females by Subaashini A/P Thankarajo


39. The Influence of Sensory Perception on the Consumer Values, Consumer Satisfaction, and Post-Purchase Behavior by Mohammad Aizat Bin Adnan

40. A Qualitative Exploration of ‘Femvertising’: The Perception of Malaysian Female Consumers by Nur Amirah Hani binti Mohd Azmi

41. Mapping the Moments of Truth of Consumer Decision Journey in the Light of Covid-19 Pandemic by Nada Abdullah Zawia

42. Uses of Social Media Marketing and Its Strategies Among SMEs In China: A Study on Online Education and Training Companies by Zhou Liang

43. The Impact of Creative Process on Advertising in Building Creative Outcome: A Qualitative Study by Siti Sarah Binti Ab Rahman

44. The Role of e-Health Literacy from Social Media and Knowledge of HIVAIDS on HIVAIDS Preventive Behaviours by Razlan Bin Abd Rauf

45. Kajian Penerimaan Pelaksanaan Government Online Services Gateway (GOS Gateway) Dalam Kalangan Masyarakat Di Kawasan Lembah Klang by Noor Diana Hayati Binti Kamudin

46. Understanding Malaysians’ Usage of Dating App: A Case Study Among Youth in Klang Valley by Franky Noventus

47. Research on the Influence of Beauty Opinion Leaders on Consumers' Purchasing Intention in Chinese Social Media by Wu Jing

48. Understanding the Relationship between Perceived Fit Dimension on Brand Loyalty and Purchase Intention: A Case Study of UNIQLO'S Co-Branding Strategies in China by Zhao Qiyu

49. The Motives and Factors that Influence Attitudes towards Chatbots Among Malaysian Youth Consumers in E-commerce Malaysia by Ooi Soon Kee

50. Attributes in Online Consumer Review that Affects Online Airbnb Booking Intention Among Citizen in Malaysia by Lin Siew Chin

51. Sosiobudaya, Jangkaan dan Pengalaman Penggunaan Aplikasi Dating: Kajian Kualitatif Dalam Kalangan Pelajar Institut Pengajian Tinggi di Malaysia by Tharini Kaliamal Ragu

52. E-wallet Adoption: Factors Influencing E-wallet Usage Among Malaysian Customers by Chow Jeng Mun

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